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Home Repair


  • Interior/exterior painting

  • Molding doors and windows

  • Minor plastering

  • Minor repair and maintenance throughout the home 

  • Demolition 

  • Free estimates    

Auto Repair


  • Brakes & Oil Change

  • Batteries + Boosting

  • Fan and Drive Belts

  • Headlights/Marker Lights

  • Small Repairs/Vehicle Inspection

  • Tire installation on Mounted Wheel Rims

Over 15 Years of Experience in the Industry

How many times have you put off a renovation project or ignored home repair projects because of the headache that comes with it? Transform and reinvent your home with the help of our professional handyman services. Casper MTL has the expertise and knowledge to make your home project goals into a reality. There’s no need to call major repair and renovation companies, let us take care of it! Includes free estimates.

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Owning a home is expensive. In addition to home mortgage, insurance and taxes, you also need to pay for repairs when damages occur. That is why it’s important to maintain your home. Maintaining your home limits the risk of damages occurring, leading to a comfortable living situation.

Why Is Home Maintenance Important?
Increases Home Value

Home renovations and improvements add value to your home and can increase resale value.

Improves the Style of the Home

Customizing and upgrading your home will give it a fresh new look and make it feel like your own.

Increases Comfortability and Security

Feeling comfortable and secure in your home are two major factors to consider. Everyone has the right to feel secure in their own home.

Keeps Your Home Running Efficiently

Maintaining your home limits the risk of damages occuring, leading to a comfortable living situation.

Client Testimonials

Always a great experience at Casper! They always take great care of my car and offer amazing service.” 

Sina D.

“I highly recommend Casper MTL for all your home improvement needs! Adam is honest and dependable and I wouldn’t trust anyone else to take care of my home.”

Andre M.

“I always go to Casper MTL whenever I need car repairs and services because I know my car will be in good hands. I would recommend them to anyone.”

Georgia B.

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